Our Beliefs

There is only one God, the creator of heaven and earth. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, born of the virgin Mary by the personal power of God, His Holy Spirit.

Christ was all God’s promises and intentions made flesh. Sharing our nature, he revealed God to us, not in form or feature, but in sublime holiness, absolute righteousness and boundless love, qualities which run through every word, every act of compassion, every part of his life.

Man is mortal and sinful, in need of salvation and unable to save himself. When man dies, his existence ends until the day of resurrection from the dead.

God’s desire to save mankind is evident in the gracious promises He made, particularly to Abraham and David. These promises concern God’s plan with mankind, His kingdom on earth with Christ as King, and the way in which man can share these promises.

Jesus’s perfect life, sacrificial death and resurrection to immortality guarantees that man’s twin enemies (his sinfulness known as the devil, and his mortality known as death), have been altogether conquered. Jesus was the only begotten Son of God, but shared every aspect of our nature, and was sinless.

To be saved a man must acknowledge his belief in the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.

He must demonstrate his belief and need of forgiveness by asking for God’s pardon, and by being baptised by full immersion in water, confessing his sins. He now belongs to God and has become an heir of the promises made to Abraham. As such he waits in patience for God’s coming kingdom.

His new life in Jesus Christ is one of fellowship and service with other believers. Each day he should follow Jesus his Master, living an unselfish life based upon a love for God and for his neighbour. The life of the believer is one of prayerful confidence in God and of quiet, dedicated service.

Week by week, by breaking bread and drinking wine, he remembers the saving work of God in Christ.

He is convinced that Jesus will return personally to the earth to bring peace and righteousness and to establish God’s kingdom with Jerusalem at its centre. The re-gathered nation of Israel is God’s witness that this will come to pass.

Death is not final for the servant of God. He sleeps in peace knowing nothing, until he is raised to judgement by his returning Lord. All responsible men and women will stand before the Lord Jesus to receive their reward: eternal life and endless joy in the kingdom of God for the faithful; and shameful dismissal and oblivion in death for those who have been unfaithful to the word of God or knowingly have rejected it.

Christ’s disciples give their allegiance to him and him alone. They live as citizens of his kingdom, waiting for his return. They obey all human laws, except when they conflict with God’s commands.

They uphold the sanctity of marriage, and resist all forms of immorality. They will not take up arms nor become involved in politics.

Reprinted with kind permission of The Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association